Academic Planning Tools

The Overview Curriculum Map below enables faculty members to create a 4-way map that shows the alignment of course learning outcomes (CLOs) to program learning outcomes (PLOs) to DSU institutional outcomes (ILOs), and DSU Core Values in a single grid.  This map then becomes a useful visual tool that indicates where holes might be, or where over-emphasis on a given learning outcome might be.  It becomes a summary of the detailed information provided at the course, program, and institutional levels in terms of student learning.  It will also be useful going forward as annual, 3rd year, and 7th year reports become due. In consultation with the Office of Curriculum, the map can be adjusted anytime changes are made within the program.


4-Way Curriculum Maps

4-Way Curriculum Map Template

Example: 4-Way Curriculum Map (STEM Endorsement)

Example: 4-Way Curriculum Map (BS in Applied & Computation Math)

High Impact Practices Map

High Impact Practices Map Template (Coming soon)

PLO to CLO Maps: Examples from Syllabus

Example: Syllabus Alignment Map (STEM Endorsement)

Example: Syllabus Alignment Map (BA/BS in Dance)

Example: Syllabus Alignment Map (AAS in PTA)