Undergraduate Research Committee

Undergraduate Research Committee

Undergraduate Research (UR) Committee Mission Statement

The UR Committee at Dixie State promotes, coordinates and celebrates undergraduate student research achievements across our campus. To draw attention to outstanding student accomplishments, the committee hosts an annual student research day. The committee also assists with and recommends student proposals for inclusion in the annual Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research.

The UR Committee is comprised of faculty members from multiple disciplines, undergraduate research interns, and DSUSA student representatives. The Committee meets bi-monthly to discuss, plan and coordinate research activities across campus.

UR Committee contact list

Name Discipline Email Address
Stephen Armstrong Chair, UR Committee, English armstrong@dixie.edu
Virginia Hughes Medical Laboratory Science hughes@dixie.edu
Robert Morris Criminal Justice rcmorris@dixie.edu
Erin O’Brien Biology obrien@dixie.edu
Gabriela Chalom Biology chilom@dixie.edu
Rico Del Sesto Chemistry delsesto@dixie.edu
Russ Ross Computer Science russ@dixie.edu
Frank Klackle History klackle@dixie.edu
Vicky O’neil Nursing oneil@dixie.edu
Lauren Randall DSUSA Senator lrandal@dmail.dixie.edu
Olga Pilkington English opilkington@dixie.edu
Curt Walker Biology walker@dixie.edu
Christine Arlotti UR Events Coordinator arlotti@dixie.edu
Jordan Kerns UR Intern jkerns@dmail.dixie.edu
Mary Whitehead UR Intern mcop@dmail.dixie.edu