Regional Symposium for Research, Innovation, and Creativity

Research Day is free for all to present and attend.

Symposium Schedule



DETAILED PROGRAM HERE (with abstracts)


Oral Presentations
1:30 – 3:15pm

Creative and Technical Writing                                   Moderator: Laura Bennett
HPC M106                                                                        Zoom-

1:30 PM
Mary McFadden
A History of Vampires and Their Transformation from Solely Monsters to Monsters and Romantic Figures
1:45 PM
Brianna McFadden
An Unfulfilled Craving
2:00 PM
Spencer Soulé
Whatever It Takes
2:15 PM
Abigail Patterson
Hair of the Dog
2:30 PM
Cindy King
Translating Russian Epic Poems: New Approaches to Text and Culture
2:45 PM
Brooke Carpenter
E-Learning and Learning Management System Usage: Is Zoom used in conjunction with Canvas serving or harming students of Professional and Technical Writing at Dixie State University?

Humanities and Social Sciences                                 Moderator:  David Salisbury
HPC M107                                                                        Zoom –                           

1:30 PM
Brooke Carpenter, Rachel McBride
Route 7 Review: Be the Connection
1:45 PM
Macie Lofthouse, Tia Molloy, Sam Surowiec, Kennedy Warnick
Curiosity Gets You Published
2:00 PM
Hengjun Lin
An Exploration of Psychological Distance, Risk Perception, Proactive Risk Intention toward Risk Messages
2:15 PM
Nancy Ross
Hidden and Visible: Mormon Garments in Community
2:30 PM
Logan Anderson, Brianna McFadden
Transitioning Veterans: Military to Academic Writing
2:45 PM
Michael Guynn
Forgive Me Father For My Children Have Sinned: Religiosity, Intrusive Parenting, and Attachment Styles

Humanities and Literary Studies                                 Moderator: Kristen Brown
HPC 104                                                                           Zoom –                  

1:30 PM
Isabella Clark, Canyon Douglas, Marya Drabicki, Madisen Duryea
A Taste of Literature
1:45 PM
Mandy L Eyre, Nathan Jordan Hansen, Skye Janice Hanson, Quentin Shaw Evans, Kylie Grace Haugen, Sean Rios
The Pounding Heart of Literature: An Observation of Kinesthetic Imagery and the Human Experience
2:00 PM
Elle Osborne, Joshua Patterson, Tristen Pike, Mikayla Raiford, Adam Raza, Tatum Oliver
The Impact of Human Connection and Touch in Literature and in the Age of Covid-19
2:15 PM
Sage Wells, Payten Wyne, Jarrett Thomas, Connor Taylor
Warm Words, Cold Concepts: Thinking Through Thermal Imagery

Artistic Research and Creative Expression 1           Moderator: Robert Matheson
HPC M104                                                                        Zoom –
1:30 PM
Sara Larsen
1:45 PM
McKelynn Barber
To Be
2:00 PM
Chad Roundy
Mastering Morocco: Dixie’s First Multitrack Studio Recording
2:15 PM
Glenn Webb
The Process of Creating New Music Through Commissioning Composers
2:30 PM
Ka-Wai Yu
The Story of a 5-String Baroque Cello: History, Identity & Opportunity

Artistic Research and Creative Expression 2           Moderator: Adriana Brandt
HPC 354                                                                           Zoom –                  

2:00 PM
Brooke Marchetti, Baylee McKeachnie, Jaesha Hall, Abby Fadely
Searching for a Feeling
2:15 PM
Jennifer Weber
I A.M. A.M.
2:30 PM
Rebecca Goates, Morgan Barker, Ashly Barraclough, Charity Hurdman, Falynn Mackey, Mackenzie Newbern
In Stark Exposition

Maths and Sciences 1                                                   Moderator: Ren Quinn
HPC 203                                                                           Zoom –                  

2:00 PM
Addesyn Marshall
Interconnecting a Network of Musical Influence by Four Degrees
2:15 PM
Adam Hunt
Quantum Computational Insights into the Rubik’s Cube and Related Groups
2:30 PM
Toshi Mowery
Probability of Choosing an Integer from the Set of Rational Numbers
2:45 PM
Buna Sambandham
Linear Sequential Caputo Fractional Boundary Value Problems with Mixed Nonhomogeneous Boundary Conditions

Maths and Sciences 2                                                   Moderator: John Burns
HPC 208                                                                           Zoom –                  

1:30 PM
Russell Reid
High Surface Area Reverse Electrowetting-on-Dielectric Energy Harvesting with Power Conditioning Circuitry for Self-Powered Sensors in Wearable and Implantable Electronics
1:45 PM
Jon Cole
Improving Safety and Confidence in Air Travel
2:00 PM
Brandon Payne
A Mathematical Model of COVID-19:  Efficacy of Vaccination with Heterogeneous Populations
2:15 PM
William Clark
Effects of Temperature on Population Mobility and Spread of COVID-19
2:30 PM
Brooklyn Price
Social Interaction Between Age Groups and its Impact on the Prioritization of the COVID-19 Vaccine
2:45 PM
John Windover
Tamarisk Mapping along Virgin River using GIS and Drone Data
3:00 PM
Rosa Flores
Modeling Chytridiomycosis Disease and its Thermal Acclimation within a Frog Population


*Food trucks will be parked outside the HPC building for lunch from 12 PM-5PM




Dixie State University and the Undergraduate Research Office hosted the 5th Regional Symposium for Research, Innovation, and Creativity, on April 23rd at the Human Performance Center.

This Regional Symposium is a forum to present cutting-edge research, innovation and creative projects in various formats, including talks, posters, performances, and displays.

Who's involved

  • DSU Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Alumni
  • Regional Community Members

Involved in research, innovation, or creative projects (including practice as research) are invited to submit abstracts to present their work at the Symposium. Abstract submission due date was March 29th.

Why do we do it

The Symposium fosters collaboration between the campus and community, and build new partnerships within and across academic disciplines. This provides an ideal venue for active scholars at various stages in their careers to network and collaborate.

Scholars from all academic disciplines are encouraged to attend to stimulate interdisciplinary discourse and explore the range of academic scholarship beyond the traditional classroom.

During the Symposium, local businesses will host booths to provide information and discuss potential career opportunities with their companies and related businesses.

Apr 23, 2021 This Year's Symposium

12:00 pm-5:00 pm

Save the Date

Apr 17, 2020 Last Symposium




Research office


Phone: 435-879-4488

Office: HCC 488