On-campus Research

On-campus Research

The following table provides on-campus research opportunities. Please email the mentor for further instructions on how to apply. Remember to check back as this page will be updated each semester.

Discipline Project Name/Description Type of Student Goals Prerequisites Mentor
Chemistry: Materials Science Design and synthesis of new chemicals and materials with applications in medicine (antibacterial, antifungal), energy (biofuels, heat transfer fluids), environment (sampling, decontamination, forensics), and optical/magnetic responsive materials. Upper Division (Chemistry, Biology, Science major) National conference presentation and/or Dixie Research Day, Scientific Report/ Paper CHEM 3510/3515, prefer also CHEM 3100, CHEM 3060, and BIOL 3450/3455 Rico Del Sesto delsesto@dixie.edu
English: Linguistics Evolution of English Grammar Rules: Impact on College Students Upper Division (English major) National conference presentation and/or Dixie Research Day English 2010 and English 3810 or English 3030 and English 3341 Olga Pilkington Opilkington@dixie.edu
English: Professional and Technical Writing Emphasis Writing for Multimedia and the Web Upper Division (English major) Conference presentations English 2010 English 3120 English 3180 Florence Bacabac, Ph.D. bacabac@dixie.edu
Health Sciences Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Public vs Private funding on a Global Scale     Contact instructor for course requirements Virginia Hughes vhughes@dixie.edu
Psychology: Industrial-Organizational  Gender at work, professors and grad students in STEM, diversity at work, work-family conflict   National and regional conferences   Kristine Olson, Ph.D. kjolson@dixie.edu

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Rico Delsesto

Email: research@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-4488