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  • Self Supporting Fee

    Fees to students in lieu of Board-approved tuition for credit courses that are not funded through appropriated revenues.
    Self Supporting Fee Application

  • Lab Access Fee

    Fees to students to support computer labs within a specific school or college. Revenue from these fees is used to purchase, repair, and/or replace hardware and infrastructure (for purposes of this policy, infrastructure includes but is not limited to the physical or virtual resources, i.e. software, supporting the IT environment) and to purchase software licenses.
    Lab Fee Application

  • Private Instructional Fee

    Fees from students and used to compensate instructors for individualized private instruction, provided by the university and are included in financial aid, necessary for the development of personal performance skills or artistic competencies of such students.
    Private Instructional Fee

  • Clinical Practice Fee

    Fees that are established for specific courses or programs to offset costs for extraordinary personnel services and related expenses.
    Clinical Practice Fee

  • Course Fee Application
  • Program Fee Application
  • Early/Late Final Exam Permission Form


Submitting course/Program changes to the UCC