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Feb. 10, 2017


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Medical Laboratory Science

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MLS 3312


Cara Calvo

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Required course for students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science professional program. A comprehensive study of the human immune system and the medical laboratory techniques used to assess immune responsiveness in health and during times of illness and disease. Lectures focus on innate and adaptive immunity, antibody structure and function, and the role of the complement system and cytokines in immune responsiveness. The immunologic manifestation of infectious disease, hypersensitivity, autoimmune diseases, transplantation immunity, tumor immunology, and immunodeficiency diseases will be discussed in detail. Using serological methods, electrophoresis, and molecular techniques, students test samples and correlate results with states of health and disease. Lab fee required. Prerequisite: Admission to the Dixie State University Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science professional program.

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Course 1

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Clinical Immunology Laboratory


University of Utah

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This course focuses on representative serology and immunology principles, procedures, methodology, and laboratory safety. Selected diseases will also be discussed. 1 Credit

Course 2

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Clinical Lab Immunology & Virology


Weber State University

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This course provides MLS students with clinical immunology theory and simulated laboratory experience necessary to prepare students for a career in a clinical laboratory setting. The course will be divided into four sections: basic concepts in immunology, clinical immunology techniques, immune related disease states, and diagnostic virology and will focus heavily on clinical immunology laboratory methods as well as in-depth clinical immunology techniques applicable for the clinical laboratory sciences student. Course requirements include acceptance into the MLS BS program. 4 credits

Course 3

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Clinical Immunology and Infectious Serology


Oregon Institute of Technology

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Lecture/laboratory coverage of human immunity, including innate and adaptive immunity, immune system organs, tissues, and activation. Immunological methods used in the clinical lab to assess human immune response in health and in various disease states are studied. Co-requisite: MLS 432. 5 Credits

New course fee to pay for laboratory test kits, reagents, disposables supplies and materials including safety gear.

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Safety gear including lab coats, gloves, safety eye wear, pipet tips and transfer pipets, kimwipes, disinfectants, glass slides, coverslips, biohazard waste bags and sharps containers, biohazard waste disposal, test tubes, diluents (saline), filters for DI water system, lab tape and labels, etc.

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Test assay kits and reagents including radial immunodiffusion gels and controls, allergy testing kits, reagents and controls for affinity chromatography, ELISA, protein electrophoresis, Western Blots, and AIDs serology

Impact if Application is Denied

No labs means the program will not meet accreditation standards for MLS professional program instructional areas (including performance of assays), curricular scientific content (specifically regarding immunology), and learning experiences that enable students to achieve MLS career-entry level competencies in clinical immunology