Mar. 1st, 2016

University Curriculum Committee Meeting

Mar. 1st, 2015. 3-5 PM. HCC 550


  1. Information Items 
    • FCS Department restructure. Rename to Family Studies & Human Development
    • Discontinue honors courses and remove from prerequisites and GE checklist
  2. Program Action Proposals 
  3. Curriculum Consent Proposals 
  4. Program Consent Proposals

Program Action Proposals

Proposal School Proposed by
BS Bioinformatics SC Erin O'Brien, Chair
Applied Leadership Emphasis in Communication Studies BU Brent Yergensen, Associate Dean
Accounting Minor BU Nate Staheli, Chair
Emergency Medical Services discontinue and transfer to DXATC HO Carole Grady, Dean
Discontinue of Certificate in Surgical Technology HO Carole Grady, Dean

Curriculum Action Proposals

BU = Business & Communications, ED = Education, HO = Health Sciences, HU= Humanities, SC = Science & Technology, FA = Visual & Performing Arts  A = Add, C = Change, D = Deletion, F = Fee, GE = GE Designation    

Business & Communication

#Other School ImpactedA, C, DCourseCourse Title
1 New A ECON 3010Managerial Economics
2 New A ECON 3020Intermediate Macroeconomics
3 New A MDIA 4890RDirected Study
4 New A MDIA 4990RSeminar in Media Studies


#Other School ImpactedA, C, DCourseCourse Title
1 New A SSC 1020Study Skills & College Success


# Other School Impacted A, C, DCourseCourse Title 
1 New A ESL 2150TOEFL Preparation

Program Consent Proposals

Curriculum Consent Proposal

(Items do not impact another school, are not a new course, do not have a new course fee, or a new GE designation)