March 19, 2013

UCC Meeting

3:00 p.m. HCC 550
March 19, 2013



Feb. 26, 2013

Announcement:  March 26th–deadline for curriculum forms for April meeting!


MULTIPLE Departments


Course MODIFICATION effective: Fall 2013
Math 1000/1010 Prerequisite multiple courses Modification – Prerequisite
Question for Curriculum Committee  


Mark Houser
Course MODIFICATIONS effective: Fall 2013
DANC 1810R: Ballroom Dance Team I Ending
DANC 2810R: Ballroom Dance Team Modification: title, fee, contact hr; max repeat to 8 crs; description
THEA 1223 – Stage Makeup Modification: Fee change from $70 to $10
ART 3400: Typography Rescind action taken on Feb. 26, 2013


Glenn Webb
Music Minor Addition
Music Education Minor Addition


Danelle Larsen-Rife
Course MODIFICATION effective: Fall 2013
PSY 1100: Human Development/Lifespan GE/GLOCUP
Sociology Minor  


Leonor Ceballos

Program Proposals


Brenda Sabey

Program Proposals


Chizu Matsubura
Course MODIFICATIONS effective:  Fall 2013
ELED 3550: Curriculum for Early Childhood Education Delete practicum portion; decrease credits from 3 to 2; decrease contact hours; description
ELED 3650: Assessment of Young Children Add practicum; increase contact hrs; change instruction type; increase credits from 2 to 3; description


Program Proposal
Course ADDITIONS effective: Fall 2013 technical review versions
EDTL 5710 Addendum
EDTL 5720 Addendum
EDTL 5730 Addendum
EDTL 5740 Addendum
EDTL 5750 Addendum
EDTL 5760 Addendum


Linda Wright
Course MODIFICATIONS effective: Fall 2013
FCS 1500: Human Development Through The Lifespan GE GLOCUP; description
FCS 2400: Family Relationships GE GLOCUP; description


David Jones
Course MODIFICATIONS effective:  Fall 2013
BIOL 1620A: Honors Prin of Biology II  
BIOL 1625A: Honors Prin of Biology II Lab  
BIOL 3010: Evolution Title change; prerequisite; description
BIOL 3030: Molecular Genetics Number change 2030 to 3030; title change; prereq change; description
BIOL 3040: General Ecology Number change 2220 to 3040; prerequisite; description
BIOL 3045: General Ecology Lab Number change 2225 to 3045; prerequisite; fee increase $45 to $60; description
BIOL 3550: Eukaryotic Cell Biology Title change; number change 3020 to 3550; prerequisite change; corequisite change; description
BIOL 3555: Eukaryotic Cell Biology Lab Title change; number change; prerequisite change; description


Pete VanValkenburg

Program Proposals

Course MODIFICATIONS& ADDITIONS effective: Fall 2013
PHYS 1010 Prerequisite; description change
CHEM 3100: Inorganic Chemistry Addendum
CHEM 3515: Biochemistry I Lab Addendum
CHEM 3520: Biochemistry II Addendum
SCI 3570: Foundations of Science Education Addendum


Kyle Wells

Program Proposals


Brent Yergensen
Course Modifications
COMM 4380: Advanced Television Production Modification – Prerequisite
COMM 4385: Advanced Television Production Lab Modification – Prerequisite