Email Vote - May 2013

Email Vote  – May 2013



Brenda Sabey

EDTL 4710: Foundations of Online/Blended Teaching & Learning Addendum
EDTL 4720: Online/Blended Engagement & Diverse Students Addendum
EDTL 4730: Online/Blended Leadership & Collaboration Addendum
EDTL 4740: Online/Blended Design & Instruction Addendum
EDTL 4750: Online/Blended Assessment & Evaluation Addendum
EDTL 4860: Online/Blended K-12 Practicum Addendum
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Email from Chair re: Vote Tally  

The Board of Regents would not allow DSU to use 5000-level numbers because the perception is it is a graduate certificate of proficiency and they are not ready to approve anything that is perceived to be at the graduate level at this time.  We have explained that this was not intended to be a graduate certificate and that the policy clearly indicates that Dixie State “College” was authorized to use 5000-level courses for “advanced learning” (which was listed separately from “graduate courses”) but the Commissioner’s office still indicated the certificate would likely not be approved if it went forward with 5000-level numbers.