April 16, 2013

UCC Meeting

3:00 PM – HCC 550



Mar. 19, 2013



  • Institutional Name Change – Proposal for allowing Catalog/Registrar to make changes to update institutional names and acronyms in course titles and descriptions
  • Proposal to increase the methods of fulfilling Bachelor of Arts Foreign Language requirement; USHE Comparison  (Leonor Ceballos)
  • General Education Committee proposal to receive approval for three additional criteria in all GE categories (proposal & technical review) (Hyrum LaTurner, visitor) Removed from agenda per Hyrum LaTurner via email, 4/12/13
  • Nursing Department proposal to clarify criteria by which General Education course requests are evaluated (Phyllis Swift/Carole Grady, visitor)  Proposal and technical review


David Jones
Course Modifications effective:  Fall 2013
BIOL 1620/1620A: Prin of Biology II/Honors Prin of Biology II Prerequisite/description (add grade restriction)
BIOL 1625/1625A: Prin of Biol II Lab/Honors Prin of Biology II Lab Prerequisite/description (add grade restriction)
BIOL 2060: Prin of Microbiology Prerequisite/descripiton (add option of CHEM 1210 as prerequisite)
BIOL 2065: Prin of Microbiology Lab Prerequisite/description (add option of CHEM 1215 as prerequisite
BIOL 3010: Evolution Prerequisite/description (add grade restriction)
BIOL 3030: Molecular Genetics Prerequisite/description (add grade restriction)
BIOL 3040: General Ecology Prerequisite/description (add grade restriction)
BIOL 3045: General Ecology Lab Prerequisite/description (add grade restriction)
BIOL 3100: Bioethics Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3110: Scientific Writing Prerequisite/description (remove 2030 & 2220; replace w/BIOL 3010, 3030 & 3040) ENGL 2010/2010A remains on the prerequisite
BIOL 3140: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Prerequisite/description –
BIOL 3145: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Lab Prerequisite/descriptive/fee increase ($25 to $45)
BIOL 3150: Biostatistics & the Scientific Method Prerequisite/description (Math 1050 remains on the prerequisite
BIOL 3155: Biostatistics & the Sci Method Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3200: Invertebrate Zoology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3205: Invertebrate Zoology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3250: Cancer Biology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3360: Developmental Biology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3450: General Microbiology Prerequisite/description (Chem 2310 remains on the prerequisite)
BIOL 3455: Gen Microbiology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3460: Biology of Infectious Disease Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3470: Intro to Immunology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3550: Eukaryotic Cell Biology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 3555: Eukaryotic Cell Biology Lab Prerequisite/contact hour correction
BIOL 4190: Mammalian Histology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4195: Mammalian Histology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4230: Parasitology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4235: Parasitology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4240: Virology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4260: Herpetology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4265: Herpetology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4270: Ichthyology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4275: Ichthyology Lab Prerequisite/description/correct workload error
BIOL 4280: Marine Biology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4300: Molecular Biology Prerequisite/description/add corequisite
BIOL 4305: Molecular Biology Techniques Prerequisite/description/fee increase ($45 to $75); corequisite
BIOL 4350: Animal Behavior Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4355: Animal Behavior Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4380: Orinthology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4385: Orinthology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4411: Mammalogy Prerequisite/description/correction on prerequisite number
BIOL 4415: Mammalogy Lab Prerequisite/description/workload error correction; increase fee from $30 to $50
BIOL 4440: General Entomology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4445: Gen Entomology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4460: Plant Ecology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4465: Plant Ecology Lab Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4500: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Prerequisite/description change
BIOL 4505: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology Lab Prerequisite/description/increase fee from $25 to $50
BIOL 4600: Plant Physiology Prerequisite/description
BIOL 4605: Plant Physiology Lab Prerequisite/description


Course MODIFICATIONS effective: Fall 2013
MATH 1010: Intermediate Algebra (201340) Prerequisite; description (add Math 0900 as alternate prereq course; dual list with Math 1000)
MATH 1010: Intermediate Algebra (201440) Prerequisite/description change (effective Fall 2014) remove Math 0900/0990
MATH 1080: Math of Technology Ending
MATH 1001: FYE: Mathematics workload, contact hour, instruction type, description change


Course MODIFICATIONS  effective:  Fall 2013
FYE Course Documents Description modifications
SSC 2500R: Emerging Leaders Assign Workload
SSC 2600R: Student Leadership Development Assign Workload


Course MODIFICATIONS/Addition effective: Fall 2013
ENGL 3600: Literary Theory Prerequisite (grade restriction); description
ENGL 4500: Methods of Teaching Writing Prerequisite/description (add “or” instructor permission)
HON 4910A: Honors Capstone Addition/Addendum


Course MODIFICATIONS effective:  Fall 2013
PSY 3100: Profiling Devient Behavior Dual List w/CJ 3100: description
PSY 3712: Human learning & Memory Prerequisite; description


Course MODIFICATIONS effective: Fall 2013
VT 2060: Digital Photography Ending
VT 3060: Dig Commercial Studio Photography Ending
VT 3710: Adv Topography Dual list/description change
VT 3750: Graphic Design History dual list/description change
VT 3780: Prepress & Print Production Prerequisite/description
VT 4650: Publication Design Dual list fix/description
VT 4700: Publication Design Ending/was replaced by ART 4650
VT 4750: Package design Ending/was replaced by ART 4750


Course MODIFICATIONS effective:  Fall 2013
THEA 3250: Sound Design Ending
THEA 4500: Sound Design Ending
ART 3710: Adv Typography Prerequisite/description
ART 3780: Prepress & Print Production Prerequisite/description
ART 4650: Publication Design Prerequisite/description/rotation
ART 4750: Package Design Prerequisite/description
ARTH 3750: Graphic Design History Prerequisite/description


Course MODIFICATION effective: Fall 2013
EMS 1200: Advanced EMT Credit/workload/contact hour/instruction type/description change


MODIFICATIONS/Additions effective: Fall 2013
HIST 3180: Nineteenth Century Europe Modification/prerequisite; description
GEOG 1300: World Regional Geography Addition/Addendum
GEOG 4200: Geography of Utah Addition/Addendum
SS 4700: Social Studies Curriculum & Methods Addition/Addendum
CJ 3100: Profiling Deviant Behavior Modification/ Dual list/ description
ESL 1001: FYE: International Students Modification/Name change; description (remove THEA 1026)


ENDINGS effective: Fall 2013
TRAV 1591: Air Reservations Ending
TRAV 1592: Ground Reservations Ending
TRAV 1593: Hospitality Ending
TRAV 1594: Vacation Packages Ending
TRAV 1595: The Cruise Market Ending
TRAV 1611: Automated Air Reservations Ending
TRAV 1621: Destination Geography Ending
TRAV 1711: Travel Sales & Trends Ending
TRAV 1731: Air Travel: U.S. Domestic Ending
TRAV 1732: ARC Documents Ending
TRAV 1771: Automated Airfares & Ticketing Ending
TRAV 1772: Automated Car Rental & Hotel Ending
TRAV 1831: Fares & Tickets International Ending
Remove TRAV (Travel Systems) prefix