October 18, 2011

South Administration Building
Oct. 18, 2011

(Sept. 20, 2011)


Carole Grady

Course Revisions on the following (effective, Spring 2012)

SURG 1050: Surgical Technology (change contact hours)
SURG 1055: Surgical Technology Lab (change contact hours)
SURG 1060: Surgical Technology Clinical (change contact hours)
SURG 1070: Advanced Surgical Technology (change contact hours)
SURG 1075: Adv Surgical Technology  Lab (change contact hours)
SURG 1080: Adv Surgical Technology Clinic (change contact hours)

Philip Lee

Course ADDITIONS  (effective: Spring 2012)

ACCT 3440:  Tax Practicum I
ACCT 4440:  Tax Practicum II
MGMT 2510: Career Management

Course REVISIONS on the following: (effective: Spring 2012)

MKTG 3515: Sales Management (fee addition; description change)
OPER 3030: Management Law (course description change)

Victor Hasfurther

ENGR 1050: Intro to Engineering Design
(Syllabus attached)
Course Addition
Effective:  Spring 2012

Brent Yergensen

COMM 3230: Health Communication
Course Addition (syllabus attached)
Effective:  Fall 2012

Leonor Ceballos

Course ADDITIONS  (effective, Spring 2012)

CJ 3710: Crimes Against Humanity (syllabus attached)
CJ 4910: Capstone Research in Criminal Justice (syllabus attached)
NOTE:  CJ 4910 was removed from the agenda because of duplicate course CJ 4790 already approved (4/19/11).
PHIL 2600: World Religions (syllabus attached)
(GLOCUP GE request pending)
PSY 3720: Psychopharmacology (syllabus attached)
PSY 4510: Industrial-Organizational Psychology (syllabus attached)

Course REVISIONS on the following (effective, Spring 2012)

SPAN 4610: Survey of Penninsular Literature I (prerequisite/description change)
SPAN 4620: Survey of Penninsular Literature II (prerequisite/description change)
PHIL 1250: Reasoning & Rational Decision Making (prerequisite/description change)

Curtis Larsen

CS 4307: Database Design & Management
Course Addition
(to be multiple-listed with IT 4300)
Effective: Spring 2012
(no syllabus since it exists as IT 4300).

Randy Jasmine

Course ADDITIONS  (effective: Spring 2012)

ENGL 3142: Creative Nonfiction Writing  (syllabus attached)
ENGL 3215: Period/Topic Studies: Gender in Literature (syllabus attached)

ENGL 3340: Writing in the Sciences   Exploring Scientific Writing
Course Revision (title change from Rhetoric of Science)
Effective:  Spring 2012

Brent Hanson

Course ADDITIONS  (effective, Spring 2012)

ARTH 3050: Renaissance Art (syllabus attached)
DANC 2300: Dance Partnering (syllabus pending)
DANC 2900: Dance Composition II (syllabus pending)