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January 17, 2012

January 17, 2012

South Administration Conference Room
Jan. 17, 2012
(Nov. 15, 2011)


GE Request Reminder (due January 24).


Carole Grady

Course Modifications on the following:

EMS 1100: EMT Basic (credit increase), effective Fall 2012.
EMS 1200: EMT Intermediate (credit increase), effective Fall 2012.
NURS 2450: Nursing Pharmacology Concepts, (increase credits), effective Summer 2012
NURS 2530: Family Health Concepts (decrease credits), effective Summer 2012.

Brent Yergensen

COMM 2600: Beginning Screenwriting
Course modification (Name, description change)
Effective:  Fall 2012

Curtis Larsen

Course Modifications for the following (effective Fall 2012)

VT 4900: Independent Research (repeat credit maximum, hours).
VT 4920: Internship (repeat credit maximum)

Randy Jasmine

ENGL 3342: The Rhetoric of Gender
Course Addition
Effective: Fall 2013
Sample Syllabus


Leonor Ceballos

SOC 3550: Organizations in Society
Course Addition
Effective:  Fall 2012
Sample Syllabus

Course Modifications on the following (effective, Summer 2012)

POLS 2100: Intro to International Relations (remove prerequisite).
POLS 2200:  Intro to Comparative Politics (remove prerequisite).
POLS 2300: Intro to Political Theory (remove prerequisite).

Glenn Webb

Course Additions for the following (effective, Summer 2012)


MUSC 1236: Survey of Jazz History

(sample Syllabus)

MUSC 1300: Instrumental Workshop

(sample Syllabus)


Computer Literacy Completion Proposal - Curtis Larsen
USU-Computer Information Literacy Competencies (2009)
CIS 1200 Syllabus (DSC)
CIS Requirements at Utah Institutions As related to General Education

GE Status Deadlines - Ami Comeford