April 17, 2012

UCC Meeting

South Administration Building
April 17, 2012



Mar. 20, 2012
Email Vote Summary April 03, 2012


ART 2050: Intermediate Photography course revision, name change; place on hiatus, F12
DANC 1900: Dance Composition I course revision, instruction type, SP 13
GEO 1060: Intro to Environmental Geology course revision, name change, F12
PHYS 1365: Principles of Physical Science course revision, description change, Sp13
DHYG 4565: Expanded Functions Certificate place on hiatus, F12
MUSC 3240: So. Utah Heritage Choir end course, F12
COMM 1400/THEA 1113:  Voice & Diction description change to include notation that they’re mutually listed courses–students can only receive credit for one course.


MLS 1123   Syllabus


New Programs


Program Requirements to be approved: