January 11, 2011

South Administration Jan. 11, 2011


Nov. 09, 2010  (unavailable at this time)


KAREN BAUER Course Modifications on all of the following courses (effective: Fall 2011) BIOL 2060: Principles of Microbiology (prerequisite/description change) BIOL 2065: Prin. Of Microbiology Lab (prerequisite/description change) BIOL 2320: Human Anatomy (prerequisite/description change) BIOL 2325: Human Anatomy Lab (prerequisite/description change) BIOL 2420: Human Physiology (prerequisite/description change) BIOL 2425: Human Physiology lab (prerequisite/description change) ADDISON EVERETT CJ 1080: Law Enforcement Training (POST II), Part I Course Modification Effective: Spring  2011 CJ 1090: Law Enforcement Training (POST II), Part II Course Addition Effective: Spring  2011 CURTIS LARSEN Course Additions for the following two courses (effective: Fall 2011) IT 3050: Management Information Systems IT 4450: Project Management LINDA WRIGHT PEHR 1231: Intermediate Soccer Course Addition Effective: Fall 2011 BRENT HANSON THEA 1550: Costume Design Course Deletion Effective: Spring 2011 THEA 4960/3960: Professional Aspects of Theatre Course Modification (number/prerequisite change; fee deletion) Effective: Spring 2011 Course Modifications on the following (effective: Fall  2011) ARTH  3030: Medieval Art (prerequisite/description change) ARTH 3080: Nineteenth Century Art (prerequisite/description change) ARTH  3090: Twentieth Century Art (prerequisite/description change)   ACTION ITEM BS - Music Education Degree DISCUSSION ITEMS Technical Review Committee Curriculum Committee Meeting Time Change