April 19, 2011


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April 19, 2011



March 22, 2011, includes email vote on CJ Proposal


  • Course additions can be effective Fall 2011
  • Course revisions for courses being taught in Fall can no longer be made because registration has already begun. Course revisions are effective Spring 2012.
COMM 4950 – Communication Internship Course Revision (credit change) Effective: Spring 2012
COMM 2500: Digital Revolution and Society Course Revision (Title change) (NOTE: This form does not include the GE Appeal listed below.) Effective: Spring 2012

The following COMM courses went through Technical Review Committee and were turned down on the course addition and revisions:

COMM 2360: CEC-TV Practicum Course Addition Effective: Spring 2012
COMM 2370: TV Production Practicum I Course Revision (Title/Description) Effective: Spring 2012
COMM 3370: TV Production Practicum II Course Revision (title/description) Effective: Spring 2012
Relevant Documents


BIOL 1015 – Intro to Biology Lab Course Revision (fee increase) Effective: Spring 2012


EDUC 3110 – Educational Psychology Course Revision (prerequisite change) Effective: Spring 2012


Criminal Justice course MODIFICATIONS, below:
CJ 2020: Criminal Justice Supervision prerequisite/description
CJ 2330: Juvenile Justice prerequisite/description
CJ 2350: Laws of Evidence prerequisite/description
CJ 2360: Juvenile Law & Procedure prerequisite/description
CJ 3100: Profiling Criminal Behavior prerequisite/description
CJ 3200: Policing in U.S. Society prerequisite/description
CJ 3320: Criminal Procedure prerequisite/title/description
CJ 3400: Drugs & Crime prerequisite/description
CJ 3810: Advanced Digital Forensics prerequisite/description
CJ 4020: Urban Crime prerequisite/description
CJ 4100: Social Control prerequisite/description
CJ 4700: File System Analysis prerequisite/description
CJ 4750: Small Device Forensics prerequisite/description


Course ADDITIONS (effective: Spring 2012)
CJ 4790: Capstone Research in Criminal Justice
CJ 4890: Criminal Justice Internship
Associate of Science in Criminal Justice – Degree Requirements


Course ADDITIONS (effective: Fal 2011)
HIST 1500 – World History to 1500
HIST 1510 – World History Since 1500
SW 1010 – Intro to Social Work and Social Welfare
SW 2300 – Social Welfare as an Institution


PSY 2000 – Writing in Psychology: APA Style Course Revision Effective: Spring 2012


ESOL Modifications & Additions(effective: Spring 2012):
ESOL 0100 – Introduction to Academic Communication prerequisite/description
ESOL 0111 – English Conversation I prerequisite/description
ESOL 0140 – Introduction to Reading in English title/prerequisite/description
ESOL 0150 – Introduction to Academic Writing prerequisite/description
ESOL 0200 – Basic Academic Communication prerequisite/description
ESOL 0211 – English Conversation 2 prerequisite/description
ESOL 0300 – Basic Reading in English title/prerequisite/description
ESOL 0350 – Basic Academic Writing prerequisite/description
ESOL 0360 – Basic English Grammar prerequisite/description
ESOL 0400 – Intermediate Academic Communication prerequisite/description
ESOL 0411 – English Conversation 3 prerequisite/description
ESOL 0500 – Basic Reading in English title/prerequisite/description
ESOL 0550 – Intermediate Academic Writing prerequisite/description
ESOL 0560 – Intermediate English Grammar prerequisite/description
ESOL 0600 – Advanced Academic Communication prerequisite/description
ESOL 0611 – English Conversation 4 prerequisite/description
ESOL 0700 – Advanced Reading in English title/prerequisite/description
ESOL 0750 – Advanced Academic Writing prerequisite/description
ESOL 0760 – Advanced English Grammar prerequisite/description
ESOL 0160 – Introduction to English Grammar Course Addition; Effective: Fall 2011



AAS in General Technology (Business Emphasis)


All appeals are for GE Status

COMM 1010: Elements of Effective Comm Sample Syllabus : COMM 1010
COMM 2120: Small Group Comm Sample Syllabus: COMM 2120
COMM 2500: Digital Revolution and Society Sample Syllabus: COMM 2500

Tech Review Memo re: COMM GE Appeal
COMM Course Descriptions
GE Committee Response to COMM Appeals (Memo)


Mo Eckroth
Problems with Advisement information

Catalog Rights – DSC Policy 5-20, Graduation, Section IX, approved 05/01/2009) Scheduled for revision, Fall 2011.

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Curriculum Meeting Procedures