September 22, 2009

South Administration Conference Room
September 22, 2009


(Sept. 08, 2009)


All new course additions for the following courses:
OPER 1010: Quality Systems & Processes I
Effective: Fall 2010

OPER 1020: Safety and OSHA Compliance I
Effective: Fall 2010

OPER 2010: Quality Systems and Processes II
Effective: Spring 2011

OPER 2020: Safety and OSHA Compliance II
Effective: Spring 2011

OPER 2070: Leadership, Supervision, and Resource Mgmt
Effective: Fall 2010

OPER 2080: Operations Management
Effective: Spring 2011

OPER 3030: Management Law
Effective: Fall 2010

MAN 1010: Manufacturing Processes I
Effective: Fall 2010

MAN 2010: Manufacturing Processes II
Effective: Spring 2011

MAN 1020: Industrial Maintenance I
Effective: Fall 2010

MAN 2020: Industrial Maintenance II
Effective: Spring 2011


Single Change Form – MATH
All Effective: Spring 2010

MATH 2200: Discrete Mathematics (Number change)
MATH 2280: Differential Equations (prerequisite change)
MATH 3100: Euclidean/Non-Euclidean Geometry (prerequisite change)
MATH 3200: Intro to Analysis (prerequisite change)
MATH 3900: Number Theory (prerequisite change)
MATH 4000: Foundations of Algebra (prerequisite change)
MATH 4100: Intro to Topology (prerequisite change)


Single Change Form – MUSIC
All effective: Spring 2010

MUSC 3310: Symphony Band (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3330: Jazz Ensemble (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3350: Symphony Orchestra (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3250: Concert Choir (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3260: Men’s Chorus (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3270: Chamber Singers (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3280: Women’s Chorus (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3290: Vocal Jazz Project (prerequisite/description change)
MUSC 3370: Guitar Ensemble (prerequisite/description change)