January 12, 2010

UCC Meeting

South Administration Building
January 12, 2010



(Dec. 08, 2009)


Carole Grady
DHYG 3560: Community Dental Hygiene II Course Reinstatement (teach-out) Effective:  Spring 2010


JD Robertson

Full-Term Block Session



Carole Grady
DHYG 3555: Expanded Functions Clinic II Course Revision Effective:  Spring 2010

Rescind action taken on this course during the 11-10-2009 meeting (see below for approved comments from 11-10-09 minutes):

Expanded Functions course was required in original proposal.  This is where the dentist would come in, drill the tooth, and the hygienist would actually fill the tooth.  Not all states require this extended functions course to their hygienists, so now they want to make it “optional” to the students.  Will students know before hand if they’ll need this class?  It won’t keep them from being licensed.  Does Utah require this?  Carole was unsure.

This course was a required course.  What does this do to the basic required core?  Does this give them enough credits?  Carole indicated that this actually gave them too many credits.

This is a degree requirement change—not a course change.  The committee felt since it was a change in the degree requirement, it doesn’t become effective until July 1, 2010.  The course description also needed to be changed to reflect the effective requirement change.