February 23, 2010

UCC Meeting

South Administration Conference Room
Feb. 23, 2010



Feb. 9, 2010 (Catalog timeline attachment at the end of the minutes)


Jay Slade

Auto Certificate Modification

Carole Grady


Linda Wright
RADT 2140: Clinical Education V Course Revision (co-req/prereq change) Effective: Summer 2010
Course Revisions, Additions & Deletions
NFS 1100: Basic Food Preparation Skills & Techniques Course Revision Effective:  Fall 2010
NFS 1240: Culinary Arts Course Addition Effective:  Fall 2010
NFS 1245: Food Preparation Skills & Techniques Lab Single Change Form, Course Deletion Effective:  Fall 2010
PEHR 1540: Outdoor Recreation Survey Course Addition Effective:  Fall 2010




Single Change Form – PEHR-FITNESS CENTER
PEHR 1088: Fitness Center I repeat for credit
PEHR 1089: Fitness Center II course deletion
PEHR 1090: Fitness Center III course deletion
PEHR 1091: Fitness Center IV course deletion
PEHR 1092: Fitness Center V course deletion
PEHR 1093: Fitness Center VI course deletion
PEHR 1094: Fitness Center VII course deletion
PEHR 1095: Fitness Center VIII course deletion
Effective:  Fall 2010


Scott Mortensen


Sue Bennett
ENGL 3341: Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Pedagogy Course Addition Effective: Spring 2010


Curtis Larsen


Addison Everett
Course ADDITIONS for the following: (All effective: Fall 2010)
ECON 1740: Economic History of the United States   (GE Status?)
JAPN 2010: Intermediate Japanese I (GE Status?)
JAPN 2020: Intermediate Japanese II (GE Status?)
PHIL 1250: Reasoning & Rational Decision-Making
POLS 3030: State and Local Government


Course Additions, Deletions & Revisions: Effective Fall 2010
PSY 2000: Writing in Psychology: APA Style Course Addition
(Clarification on contact time)
PSY 3010: Research Methods in Psychology Course Revision (prereq change)
PSY 2990: Seminar in Psychology Course Deletion
PSY 4910: Capstone Research in Psychology (2 pages) Course Addition
PSY 4920: Capstone Seminar in Psychology (2 pages) Course Addition



John Jones

GE Restructuring Memo