December 08, 2009

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(Nov. 10, 2009)  


  KAREN BAUER   SINGLE CHANGE FORM – BIOLOGY BIOL 1500: Intro to Biotechnology (course deletion) BIOL 1505: Intro to Biotechnology Lab (course deletion) BIOL 4810: Independent Study (prerequisite number change) BIOL 4820: Independent Study (prerequisite number change) BIOL 4930: Senior Thesis (prerequisite number change) BIOL 1610: Principles of Biology I *LS (prerequisite change) Effective:  Summer 2010   PHILIP LEE   SINGLE CHANGE FORM – CIS/COMP ALL courses listed below have a grade-type change from Pass/Fail to Letter Grade. Effective:  Summer 2010 CIS 1140: Beg Keyboarding COMP 1100: Beg Comp/Internet COMP 1310: MS Word Fundamentals COMP 1410: MS Excel Fundamentals COMP 1430: Financial Record Keeping-Quicken COMP 1435: Financial Record Keeping-Quickbooks COMP 1600: Database Appl – Access COMP 1700: Presentation Appl – Powerpoint COMP 1800: MS Publisher   GLENN WEBB   SINGLE CHANGE FORM – MUSIC MUSC 3210: Vocal Theater Peformance (prerequisite/description change) MUSC 1320: Varsity Band (co-requisite/description change) Effective: Spring 2010   MUSC 4890: Senior Recital Course Revision (course description, prereq/co-req clarification) Effective: Fall 2010   RANDAL CHASE   Course ADDITIONS on the following courses: Effective:  Fall 2010   COMM 3010: Nonverbal Communication COMM 3150: Lying and Deception COMM 3400: Gender Communication COMM 4115: Ethics in Communication   Course REVISIONS on the following two courses:   COMM 4500: Human Communication & Conflict COMM 3460: Content and Rhetorical Analysis Effective: Sum 2010      


  GE Mission Statement & Learning Goals Revision - John Jones