University Curriculum Committee

students at dixie state university

Our purpose:

To review and recommend approval of all course and program adds, changes, and discontinuations, including course fees and GE course designations (see DSU Policy #602)

For a schedule of UCC meetings, visit the Curriculum Proposal Deadlines.

To see the status of your program proposal, visit the program approval tracker.

Staff & Committee


Brent Yergensen


April Ficklin


Robert Carlson
Ami Comeford
McGarren Flack
Michael Harding
Susan Hart
Chizu Matsubara
Greg Murray
Russ Ross
Nate Stateli
Steven Sullivan
Patricia Wintch
Brent Yergensen
Weston Zimmerman, DSUSA VP Academics
John Burns*, Library
Mike Olson*, Academic Advisement Director
Vicki Peacock*, Academic Scheduling
J.D. Robertson*, Financial Aid Executive Director
Julie Stender*, Registrar
Pamela Cantrell*, Curriculum Director

[*]ex officio members