University Curriculum Committee

Staff & Committee

Past Chair:
Russ Ross

Lauren DiSalvo

Associate Chair:
John Rasmussen

Samuel Tobler

April Ficklin

Committee Members:
Nancy Allred
Cari Buckner
Ami Comeford
McGarren Flack
Martina Gaspari
Susan Hart
Jesse Hicks
Scott Lindsey
Chizu Matsubara
Kaylyn Fulton, DSUSA VP Academics
Robert Oxley
Nate Stateli
Dianne Aldrich*, Library
Pamela Cantrell*, Associate Provost
Mike Olson*, Academic Advisement Director
Erin Ortiz*, GE Committee
Vicki Peacock*, Academic Scheduling
J.D. Robertson*, Financial Aid Executive Director
Julie Stender*, Registrar
Wendy Schatzberg*, Fee Committee
[*]ex officio members

our Purpose

To review and recommend approval of all course and program adds, changes, and discontinuations, including course fees and GE course designations (see DSU Policy #602)

For a schedule of UCC meetings, visit the Curriculum Proposal Deadlines.

To see the status of your program proposal, visit the program approval tracker.