Submit Syllabi to Repository

Required Formatting for Syllabi


All syllabi must be sent in a PDF format since ebrary will only upload PDFs.

File Names

In order to submit syllabi correctly, there are certain criteria to follow with naming the files. Every file must have a unique name, and the files must follow the same format.



Files MUST be named as follows:

ENGL 1010-01 Crenshaw SP14 or FA14

Prefix – Course – Number – Section – Instructor Last Name – Semester – Year

  • Do not include course name in document title
  • You may add punctuation to the file name as you wish.
  • Capitalization does not matter.
  • If there is more than one file for a class, that can be added after the semester. (ENGL 1010-01 Crenshaw FA14 – 1 of 2)
  • Files submitted with other naming formats will be returned to the department for reprocessing.
  • Email the Digital Archive


Files submitted by email

If you need to send syllabi from previous semesters, send the syllabi to or take them to Linda Jones either on a disk or flash drive.

Linda Jones

Librarian - User Experience, Assessment, and Instruction


Phone: 435-879-4243

Office: HCC 242