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The Office of Sponsored Programs at Dixie State University serves faculty and staff who are pursuing research or other sponsored projects funded by federal, state, or private agencies and organizations.

What is a “Sponsored Program”?

Sponsored programs are scholarly, professional, and creative activities that DSU personnel conduct with support from external funding instruments including grants, contracts, cooperative agreements or other arrangements.

What does the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs do?

Serves every faculty/staff member in every academic discipline and research area
Supports research, scholarship, and creative activity in a variety of ways
Helps secure support from outside sponsors, aids in the transition of a “good idea” to a “fundable idea”, and makes sure projects are conducted legally and responsibly.

Mission Statement

The Office of Sponsored Programs supports the Dixie State University mission by advocating externally funded programs that empower faculty, staff, students, and the community through enhancement of experiential learning and enrichment of professional and personal lives through increasing community collaborations and opportunities.

The Dixie State University Office of Sponsored Programs provides support for faculty and DSU personnel in the pursuit and administration of externally funded grants and contracts, in compliance with the requirements established by Federal and State laws, sponsor rules and regulations and institutional policies and procedures.

Essential Tip: A signed Proposal Routing Form must be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs before any proposal is submitted to a funding agency.