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College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

Welcome to the College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology offers Bachelor's degrees, Associate of Arts or Science degrees and Associate degrees in Applied Science. A Dixie State University education provides real life experience through undergraduate research while preparing you for your career. If you are a genius in math or computers, love fixing up cars, can't get enough of science, or are simply interested in everything, then the College of Science, Engineering, and Technology is where you belong.

Courses offered in the Science and Technology departments are well planned and designed to give you the best education possible. Classes and laboratories will stimulate not only your mind, but also your desire to learn and succeed. They will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need in a career setting. You will find the faculty and staff to be helpful and knowledgeable in achieving your educational goals.

Dixie State University has an excellent education system and is a student friendly campus. The faculty and staff want you to succeed, and offer a quality educational experience that rivals larger and more expensive colleges and universities. In the process of your schooling, you will meet many wonderful people and develop lifelong friendships at Dixie State University.