Risk Management & Safety

  • Risk Management assists the University with identifying, evaluating, and reducing or eliminating risks. When damage or loss occurs the goal is to protect the University and obtain insurance recovery in a timely manner.
  • Risk Management & Safety

Emergency Alert System

  • Employees and students are instructed to call 911 in the event that they become aware of a dangerous situation. The 911 dispatch system will notify our Campus Security, who will in turn notify the ESA Alert Team. In the event that the alert is issued through campus services, i.e. gas leaks, power failure, etc., they can also call a member of the ESA Alert Team.
  • Emergency Alert System

Public Safety

  • Students, faculty, staff, and visitors can reach our officers by calling 911 in the case of an emergency. If a situation does not actually rise to the level of an imminent emergency they may speak to one of our officers by calling the office; 435 652-7515, or calling the duty phone; 435 619-1144.
  • Public Safety

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Help