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What is an academic program? How long do they take to get approved?

“A program is a unit within the institution with an identifiable teaching, research, or other academic mission. For a unit to be designated as a “program, it shall have an identified group of faculty and shall fulfill one or more of these criteria: (1) has “program”, “center”, “institute”, “laboratory”, “department”, “school”, or “college” in its title or has otherwise been designated as a program; (2) offers or administers a degree, certificate, or some other credential; (3) has an identifiable curriculum or is formally described in current institutional catalogs or other publications; (4) has a separate budget as listed in official university documents” (Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) , 2013).

Programs have a greater impact on Dixie State University than course changes and therefore a program proposal requires more approvals. The approval process is largely sequential and require numerous governing bodies to give their approvals. A program proposal can take up to nine months for full approval (see Program Approval Tracker); therefore it is important the college making the proposal is diligent in following the steps outlined below or the proposal may be delayed. Programs are not to be advertised until Board of Regents and Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) approval.

For more detailed information on the approval process for the Utah System of Higher Education, Board of Regents, refer to Policy 401, Approval of New Programs, Program Changes, Discontinued Programs, and Program Reports

How do I track the status of my course or program proposal?

To track a course proposal see the Course Approval Tracker

To track a program proposal see the Program Approval Tracker