Curriculum Tracker

Important Note:

Deadlines for  submissions to the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) are below. Before submitting to the UCC you must have approval from your Dean and School Curriculum Committee (SCC).

Your curriculum add/ change/ discontinue must be approved by three governing bodies in sequence:

  1. College Curriculum Committee (CCC) (varies by CCC)
  2. University Curriculum Committee (UCC) (last Tuesday of September, January, and February)
  3. Academic Council (AC) (1st Tues of each month)
Curriculum Proposals 1 CCC 2 UCC 3 AC
2016-17 Academic Year
Sep 13 deadline for proposals Vary by CCC Sep 27 Oct 4
Jan 17 deadline for proposals Vary by CCC Jan 31 Feb 7
Feb 14 deadline for proposals Vary by CCC Feb 28 Mar 7