Dixie State University



  • New Associate Degrees
  • New Baccalaureate Degrees (with or without emphases)
  • New Master’s Degrees (with or without emphases)
  • New K-12 Personnel Licensure Programs.

Proposal Steps:

  1. Department Chair/Faculty discusses proposed degree idea with the Director of Curriculum (DOC)
  2. Department Chair/Faculty Prepares New Degree White Paper and Appendix D.
  3. White paper approved at College Curriculum Council
  4. White Paper and Appendix D submitted to Curriculum Office for the Academic Council (AC) agenda two weeks in advance of meeting date.
  5. If approved by the AC, Department Chair/Faculty completes the Full Template Proposal. Instruction to fill out this form can be found here.
  6. Any new courses are required as part of the new degree program must be entered into CIM at this time. (Instructions: click here.) If the program will use courses offered in a different department and/or college a Memoradum of Understanding (MOU) must be signed by Department Chairs and/or Deans.
  7. The Department Chair submits a finalized draft of the proposal to the Curriculum Office for final review and CLO verification.  All suggested edits must be completed before proposal moves forward.
  8. The Department Chair/Faculty submits the final proposal draft to the College Curriculum Committee (CCC) agenda.
  9. If approved, the Department Chair submits the final proposal to the Curriculum Office for placement on the UCC (bachelor’s proposals) or Graduate Council (GC) (master’s proposals) agenda.
  10. UCC or GC will conduct two approval votes—one for the program proposal and one for the courses.
  11. If approved, the DOC submits the proposal to the Academic Council (AC) Secretary to be included on the AC agenda.
  12. If approved, the Curriculum Office advances the proposal through the remaining approval process, including entering the new program into the Program Information Management (PIM) system and submitted through workflow for verification that the program has been entered correctly. See Program Approval Tracker for the remaining approval process.
  13. If approved at all levels, the DOC alerts the DC & Advisors.
  14. The Catalog Administrator adds the new program to the next Catalog (only published once per year) and to DegreeWorks.
  15. The Department Chair verifies the degree is correct in the catalog & Degreeworks.