Dixie State University :: Academics :: Emphases


Degree Major / Emphasis Date Approved
      3-D / Sculpture / Ceramics
   Art Education 
   Entertainment, Arts, and Animation 
   Painting / Drawing / Illustration 
   Photography/Digital Imagery 
BS Biology
   Biological Sciences 06/04/15
   Biomedical Sciences 06/04/15
   Natural Sciences 06/04/15
BS Business Administration
   Management Information Systems 
BS Communication Studies
   Applied Leadership  01/26/17
   Health Communication  09/16/16
   Organization and Leadership  09/18/15
BS Computer & Information Technology
   Information Technology 
  Software Development
  Web Design & Development
BA/BS Criminal Justice
   Digital Forensics 
BA/BS English
   Creative Writing
   English Education
   Literary Studies
   Professional and Technical Writing
BS Exercise Science
   Pre-Physical Therapy 06/12/2018
   Pre-Occupational Therapy 06/12/2018
AAS General Technology
BA/BS Integrated Studies
   ASL Interpreter 09/18/15
   Communication Studies 03/23/16
   Criminal Justice
   Digital Design
   Digital Film Production 03/23/16
   Earth Science
   Global Studies 03/09/2018
   Health Care Administration
   Humanities and Philosophy 09/18/15
   Information Technology
   Long Term Care Administration
   Management and Operations
   Mathematical Science
   Media Studies 03/23/16
   Public Health
   Recreation Management
   Software Development
   Web Design & Development
BS Media Studies
   Broadcasting 05/09/17
   Multimedia Journalism 09/18/15
   Social Media 09/18/15
   Public Relations 09/16/16
BS Population Health
   Health Care Administration 07/21/17
   Long Term Care Administration 11/30/18
   Public Health 07/21/17
BS Recreation & Sport Management
   Corporate Recreation & Wellness 07/21/17
   Experience Industry Management 07/21/17
   Sport Management 07/21/17
BA/BS Spanish
   Secondary Education 09/18/15
BA/BS Theatre
   Theatre Education