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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education

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Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Dixie State University (DSU) has developed several certificate and degree programs that are designed to prepare students for immediate employment opportunities upon their degree completion. These certificates and degrees can be completed in one semester to three years. These quality programs teach the technical skills demanded by employers throughout the represented industries for these programs.

DSU serves as both the university and community college for Southern Utah. High school students in many of our program areas have already taken several Concurrent Enrollment classes as part of their CTE certificate or degree programs. This coordinated effort develops career pathways for students in Souther Utah school districts and DSU.

CTE receives federal funding to help maintain the certificates and degree programs. The federal funding is provided by Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. The purpose of the Act is to develop and maintain academic career programs for students in secondary and postsecondary education who choose to enroll in career and technical skills programs. The Perkins Local Plan and Performance Measures for DSU can be found by clicking on these attachments:

DSU Perkins Local Plan FY2018
DSU Perkins Performance Levels FY2017
DSU Perkins Local Plan FY2017
DSU Performance Level Measures

Within the Local Plan under the heading CTE Activities are listed the goals and objectives for improvement of our programs at DSU.

Certificates and Programs:

Here is a list of every CTE certificate and program organized by DSU college:

College of Health Sciences

College of Business and Communication

College of Science, Engineering, and Technology

College of Education

College of Humanities