Business Services

Business Services

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Form

All new employees are required to sign-up for Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit Form

Capital Equipment Form

This form is used when departmental office equipment is purchased with a value of $3,000 or greater, is movable, and has a useful life greater than one year. The form will need to be signed by the present “Equipment Custodian,” which is usually the department chair, and returned to the Business Services Office. If the equipment is moved/transferred to another location, this information must be signed by the “Present Equipment Custodian as well as the “New Equipment Custodian.” The same procedure is required should this equipment need to destroyed, lost, stolen, donated, sold, or goes to surplus. Capital Equipment Form

I-9 Form

Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form) is required to be filled out at Human Resources Office for all new employees. I-9 Form

W-4 Form

Employee’s Withholding Allowance is required to fill out at HU Office for all new employees. W-4 Form

W-9 Form

This form—Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification—is used when outside speakers are brought to campus to perform and participate in forums, school programs and activities. W-9 Form

Employee Leave Request

This form is to be filled out every two weeks for all full-time employees to indicate if they have missed any time for that pay period. The codes used for describing the reason for absence include: vacation, sick, jury, military, contract hours, personal preference, bereavement, or family medical leave. Have Department Chair sign form, then submit to Administrative Assistant. Employee Leave Request

Employee Payroll Deduction Form

This form authorizes DSU Payroll Dept. to deduct the amounts from your pay check each pay period until a new employee payroll deduction form is submitted. (Ex: Faculty Senate dues, CSA dues, 457 TIAA-CREF & 403(b) TIAA-CREF Retirement plans, Utah State 457 and EMIA 401(k) Retirement Plans, etc.) Employee Payroll Deduction Form

Payroll FAQ’s

Payroll FAQ’s answers questions such as:

  • Can I sign-up for Direct Deposit?
  • How will I get my paycheck?
  • How can I change my address?
  • Where can I get an old paystub?
  • When is payday?
  • Where can I get my W-2?
  • How can I change my W-4?

Payroll Due Dates FY15 Calendar

Gives pay dates for all full-time, part-time, and adjuncts. Payroll Due Dates FY15 Calendar

Purchasing Forms

Internal Billing

An Internal Billing Form is used when purchases are made from one department to another and require the funds to be transferred to the appropriate account. For instance, purchasing computers, phones, etc. , the IT Department will send an IB form with the cost of services provided. This requires a signature from the Expenditure Budget Administrator (whose account is going to be charged) and the Revenue Budget Administrator (whose account will be credited.) These 5 ½ X 8 ½ forms are available at the Business Services Office, 5th floor HCC Bldg. Internal Billing

Check Request WITH Documentation (Gold)

Used when sanctioned DSU purchases are made off campus and employees are to be reimbursed. All receipts for purchases are to be attached to form and submitted to Accounts Payable.

Check Request WITH Documentation (Available from Business Services)

Check Request NO Documentation (Green)

Used when sanctioned DSU purchases are made off campus and employees are to be reimbursed, but when documentation (receipt) is unavailable.

Check Request NO Documentation (Available from Business Services)

Business Meal Reimbursement (Blue)

Often used when escorting potential candidates or off campus guests to lunch or dinner. An ITEMIZED receipt must be attached. (NO ALCOHOLIC PURCHASES on University accounts, and NO spouse meals.) Return form to Accounts Payable.

Business Meal Reimbursement (Available from Business Services)

Contracted Services

Used for guest speakers or paying for services rendered from someone other than DSU employee. Contracted Services

P-Card Application Form

In order to purchase supplies and other office equipment, you will need to apply for a Purchasing Card.
Use this form to do so. P-Card Application Form

P-Card Agreement Form

You will be asked to sign the Purchasing Cardholder’s Agreement form when issued a Purchasing Card. P-Card Agreement Form

P-Card Training

After watching the training, go to the Purchasing Department, 5th floor of the HCC Bldg., to pick up paperwork to apply for card. You will be asked to take a quiz to make sure you understand the purchasing card rules.

P-Card Training

Purchasing Card Guide

Information on what the DSU Purchasing Card is and the procedure for obtaining a card. Also guidelines for card use.Purchasing Card Guide

P-Card Log Form

The Purchasing Card Log will be filled out monthly, or whenever your P-Card has acquired expenses and you receive a statement. P-Card Log Form

P-Card Reallocation Form

If a purchase has been made that needs to be charged to another account number rather than the default index code, then it is necessary to fill out this form. P-Card Reallocation Form

Purchase Requisition Form

Use this form for purchases over $500 and are available at the Purchasing Office. Once filled out, send form to Purchasing Office for processing, who will check to see if you have sufficient budget for the purchase(s). A purchase order will be created and sent to the merchant for you. Advise the Purchasing Office of any special instructions on the requisition form for unusual handling of the purchase order. Usually, the purchasing office will fax your order to the merchant and send the department secretary a copy of the purchase order for their records. Purchase Requisition Form

Mini Purchase Order Form

This form is used for purchases under $300. These forms are to be picked up at Purchasing Office as the red numbering at the top will be recorded—written down in case receipts come back with knowledge of who made the purchase. (IT IS NOT TO BE USED FOR ITEMS CONTAINING BRANDING SUCH AS DSU LOGO(S), TRADEMARK(S) OR VERBIAGE.) Mini Purchase Order Form

Sales Tax Exempt Number

Utah State Tax Commission has provided DSU with an Exemption Certificate for Governments & Schools so that we are not charged any sales tax. This form verifies this information. Sales Tax Exempt Number

Vendor Tips

A number of Dixie State University vendors have special requirements which you’ll need to know to help you buy their products. To shop with these vendors, follow the special instructions given for: Costco, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Target, Walmart. Vendor Tips


Travel Information / Forms

Travel – Vehicle Use Rules

Rules for vehicles used for business travel

  • General Information and Definitions
  • DSU Fleet Vehicles
  • State Contract Rental Vehicles
  • Rental Vehicles Which are Not on State Contract
  • Personal Vehicles
  • Athletic Coaches’ Vehicles
  • Summer Camps

Travel Information

International Travel Forms

  • International Travel Tips
  • International Travel Procedure Checklist
  • International Official Travel Waiver

Travel Authorization Form

This form is due at least 3-5 business days prior to your trip. You will need to fill out a Travel Authorization Form to prepare a budget for the trip and obtain approval from your supervisor and the budget administrator(s) paying for the trip. The TA form has a red, 4-digit number in the upper right corner. All expenses relating to your trip will refer to this number.
An “example TA form is provided to help guide you through the process. Instructions are given for Airfare, Vehicle Rules (personal, DSU vehicles, DSU bus, Rental vehicles), Meals, Travel Advances, Prepayments, Approval and Accounting Info Box.

Travel Claim Form

This form is due to Purchasing within 60 days of trip. After 60 days, you will not be reimbursed. Instructions are given regarding the use of a University Vehicle, private automobile, meals and lodging, and other costs. This can be a complicated process at time, so please check with your secretary or call Ext. 7612 or Ext 7613 for assistance. Completed forms should be sent to Purchasing for processing. Travel Claim Form

International Official Travel Waiver

Informed Consent to Participate and Waiver of Liability for International Travel. Therefore, by signing this waiver form, employees who are allowed to participate in a DSU program will declare and agree to the terms and conditions contained within this agreement. International Official Travel Waiver

International Travel Procedure Tips

Important information if you will be traveling abroad. International Travel Procedure Tips

International Travel Procedure Checklist

This checklist is a tool for University faculty, staff, and students to assess risk, provide for safety, and prepare the traveler for a potential crisis. The international locations, type of activity(s), number of participants, etc., will determine the level of planning and preparedness needed. You may contact The Office of Risk Management and Safety for assistance. International Travel Procedure Checklist


Training Materials

Empower Supervisor Guide

Supervisor Quick Guide provides instructions and an overview of the daily functions and responsibilities to be completed by Supervisors in order to process employee/work study punch data and pay records. Supervisors are to review daily and weekly hours online or by running reports, and can make corrections to employee records if necessary. At the end of the pay period, the payroll team exports EmpowerTime data for processing in the payroll software. Empower Supervisor Guide

Introduction to Budget Queries

The Introduction to Budget Queries training gives step by step instructions with slides for the following:

  • Login to Self-Service
  • Navigation Tips
  • Budget Queries
  • Budget Quick Query
  • Budget Status by Account
  • Budget Status by Organizational Hierarchy
  • Encumbrance Query
  • Notes

Introduction to Budget Transfers

The Introduction to Budget Transfers training gives step by step instructions with slides for the following:

  • Login to Self-Service
  • Making a Budget Transfer
  • Making a Multiline Budget Transfer

Introduction to Crystal Reports

The Introduction to Crystal Reports training gives step by step instructions with slides on how to access your departmental budget reports for:

  • Active Account Codes
  • Active Index Codes
  • Budget Balances
  • Budget Detail
  • Budget Summary

Introduction to INB Finance / Navigation & General Ledger Queries

Step by Step instructions are shown with slides for the following: – Introduction to INB Finance / Navigation & General Ledger Queries

  • Login in to Banner
  • Changing Your password
  • Banner Navigation
  • Banner Shortcuts
  • General Ledger Activity Form
  • Downloading General Ledger Data
  • General Ledger Trial Balance
  • General Ledger Detail

Payroll Self-Service

The Payroll Self-Service training gives step by step instructions with slides for the following:

  • Login to Self-Service
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Pay Information
  • Viewing Your Pay Stub
  • Check Your Exemptions
  • Downloading General Ledger Data
  • W-2
  • Leave Balances