Prospective Students

Prospective Students


“I think of the Honors Program as a great way to challenge myself, and to learn about myself as a student. The Honors Program is a great place bursting with opportunities to learn more and in different ways. I joined the Honors Program because I wanted to express my ideas in the classroom, and the Honors program welcomes eager students.” -Eva G. Sanchez

“Honors has helped me to meet new people. It makes Dixie feel more like home! We are all working hard together to achieve our goals.” -Janalynn Anderson

“The Honors Program is a great way for college students to expand their knowledge. It even allows people to grow and change the way they think.” -Rylee Jeppson

“Joining the Honors Program is essential in your college experience if you wish to stand out. It challenges you to be the best you can.” -Delaney Marcotte


Priority Registration

  • Honors students have high priority​ for class registration, providing them with exceptional flexibility for constructing their schedules

The “Booth”

  • Dedicated, comfortable space in the Holland Centennial Commons; it has a beautiful view of campus and is a terrific place for studying, reading, meeting, and socializing with other Honors students

Small classes

  • small, dynamic, interdisciplinary classes covering a wide range of interesting and unusual topics in a seminar and discussion format

Honors Recognition on Transcript and at Graduation

  • Honors students’ transcripts include an Honors designation, and students receive an Honors medallion to wear at graduation ceremonies as well as recognition in the graduation program

Research Opportunities

  • Enhanced opportunities to collaborate with faculty in pursuing undergraduate research at Dixie State University
  • Funding is available for students to attend regional and national Honors conferences ​and present research and creative work

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

  • Honors students are eligible for Honors Program​ research and travel grants to fund summer internships, study abroad opportunities, and other experiential learning opportunities