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May 1, 2018

Academic Council Agenda

May 1, 2018
3:00 PM
HAZY 361

  1. Academic Council Minutes
  2. UCC Overview (Pam Cantrell)
  3. Provost's Updates
  4. Pam Cantrell's Updates

OLD BUSINESS (Action Items)

  1. Priority Registration for the DSUSA Executive Council (Ezra Hainsworth)

NEW BUSINESS (Information Items)

  1. Comparative Core Themes and Objectives (Debra Bryant)
  2. Memorandum Regarding Policy 615: General Education (Pam Cantrell)


  1. Process for Discontinuing Defunct Courses (Pam Cantrell)
  2. White Papers :
  3. Memorandum of Agreement between DSU and The American Campus in Mauritius, Africa. (Debra Bryant)
  4. Emphases Discontinuance:
  5. Minor Discontinuance: