November 3, 2015

Academic Council Agenda

November 3, 2015 3:00 PM South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes October 6, 2015 (PDF)

Old Business

  1. Revised Mission and Core Themes (Carole Grady)
  2. Five-Year Program Review (Carole Grady)
  3. Program Proposals (David Wade)
  4. 2017-2018 Academic Calendar (Julie Stender)
  5. Two Blocks During the Fall/Spring Semesters Proposal (Julie Stender)
  6. Other

New Business

  1. Health Promotion Baccalaureate White Paper (Carole Grady)
  2. Bioinformatics (David Wade)
  3. Digital Film (David Wade)
  4. Waitlist Revision (Carole Grady)
  5. Student Field Trips Form (Richard Featherstone) Risk Management Release Form
  6. As-Is School Curriculum Committee (David Wade)
  7. APRC Charter (David Wade)
  8. Fall Third Week Reports (Andrea Brown)
  9. Other