February 4, 2014

Academic Council Agenda

February 2015
3:00 PM
South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes
January 7, 2014 (PDF)
Institutional Curriculum Committee Minutes
January 28, 2014 (PDF)

Old Business

Policy – 5-15 Extra-Institutional Credit (Bill Christensen/Pam Montrallo))

Library Fines (Daphne Selbert)

Proposed Changes to the Final Exam Schedule (Robert Carlson)

Language Requirement for Native Speakers of Spanish (Don Hinton)

New Business

Policies (Pam Montrallo)

  • 3-3 Faculty Categories http://old.dixie.edu/humanres/policy/review/3-3review.pdf
  • 3-7 Faculty Reviews http://old.dixie.edu/humanres/policy/review/3-7%20RPT%20draft.pdf (9 additional documents related to this policy can be found on the Policies Under Review webpage: http://old.dixie.edu/humanres/polrevmain.html)
  • 3-9 Faculty Professional Development http://old.dixie.edu/humanres/policy/review/3-9review.pdf
  • 3-18 Faculty Salaries http://old.dixie.edu/humanres/policy/review/3-18%20faculty%20salary.pdf

Program Approval Process (David Wade, Eric Pedersen, Bart Stander)

Course Fee Guidelines (David Wade)

Name Change: (Debra Bryant)

  • From: Dixie Business Alliance
  • To: Business Resource Center

Great Colleges to Work For Survey (Debra Bryant)

Update on program approvals: (David Wade)

AP Credit (Julie Stender)

Spring Break 2016 – WCSD Spring Break 2016 is March 7-11 (Julie Stender)