February 4, 2014

February 2015
3:00 PM
South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes
January 7, 2014 (PDF)
Institutional Curriculum Committee Minutes
January 28, 2014 (PDF)

Old Business

Policy – 5-15 Extra-Institutional Credit (Bill Christensen/Pam Montrallo))

Library Fines (Daphne Selbert)

Proposed Changes to the Final Exam Schedule (Robert Carlson)

Language Requirement for Native Speakers of Spanish (Don Hinton)

New Business

Policies (Pam Montrallo)

Program Approval Process (David Wade, Eric Pedersen, Bart Stander)

Course Fee Guidelines (David Wade)

Name Change: (Debra Bryant)

  • From: Dixie Business Alliance
  • To: Business Resource Center

Great Colleges to Work For Survey (Debra Bryant)

Update on program approvals: (David Wade)

AP Credit (Julie Stender)

Spring Break 2016 – WCSD Spring Break 2016 is March 7-11 (Julie Stender)