February 5, 2013

Academic Council Agenda

February 5, 2013 3:00 PM South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes December 11, 2012 Curriculum Committee Minutes December 14, 2012 January 22, 2013


Dance Emphasis in Integrated Studies (Assunta Hardy) Five-Year Program Review: (Assunta Hardy)
  • Elementary and Secondary Education
Study Abroad Procedures (David Roos) Priority Registration for Honors Students (Sue Bennett) Other


Proposed Curriculum Submission Process (Don Hinton) New Programs Follow-up Report Template (Assunta Hardy) 3-Year Report Timeline (Word Document + PPT) 5-Year Program Review Timeline (Word Document + PPT) Midterm Grading – Proposed Change (David Roos) Summer 2014 Calendar  and 2015-2016 Calendar (Julie Stender) Proposed Changes for AP Credit (Julie Stender) General Studies BA/BS  (Brenda Sabey) FCS 1500 and PSYC 1100 (Brenda Sabey) General Studies Oversight Committee (Brenda Sabey) Other