November 1, 2011

Academic Council Agenda

November 1, 2011

2:00 PM

South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes (October 4, 2011) Curriculum Committee Action (October 18, 2011)

Old Business

Voting Power for Student Senators  (Nick Rhodes)
Foreign Language Department Program Review (Louise Excell)
Workload Recommendations: 3-10 Faculty Workload Policy (Pam Montrallo)

New Business

Updated University Benchmarks (Donna Dillingham-Evans)
Policies (Pam Montrallo)
  • 5-3 Registration (revision also replaces 5-17 Student Tuition and Fee Payment and 5-Administrative Withdrawal)
  • 5-11 Residency Determination for Tuition Purposes
RTP Intermediate Review (Carole Grady)
Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science (Victor Hasfurther)
Workload Recommendation: CIT System and Network Administration
  • Recommendation:
    • Provide 1 to 3 workload factors per semester and summer to one or two faculty members in the Computer Information Technology Department to do System and Network Administration.
  • Justification:
    • The CIT Department has its own separate network from the College Network. Due to the increase in number of students in the CIT area, the workload associated with maintaining the CIT Network by the faculty has become large. Special software with limited user licenses, administrative accounts for students, faculty and others to use this software has provided this request.The network equipment, security, and administration is also maintained by faculty in CIT.