March 6, 2012

Academic Council Agenda

March 6, 2012 2:00 PM South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes February 7, 2012 Curriculum Committee Actions February 21, 2012

Old Business

Fall Break – Move from Oct 11-12 to Oct 18-19, 2012 (David Roos) Academic Calendars 2013-2015/Publishing Spring and Summer Schedule at the Same Time (David Roos) Policies: Faculty Termination; Faculty Emeritus; Adjunct & Clinical Faculty, and Textbooks. Other

New Business

Restriction on Second Degrees/Disadvantaging Students/Letter (Donna) Name Change: (Carole Grady) Dance Program Review / External  Dance Program Review (Assunta Hardy) Catalog Rights (Philip Lee) Work Load Recommendations (Carole Grady) First Year Advising Program - Most at Risk Students/FYE (David Roos) Proposed Academic Reorganization (Donna Dillingham-Evans/Don Hinton) Reading Day (Donna Dillingham-Evans/David Roos) New Emphasis Areas: