November 2, 2010

Academic Council Agenda

November 2, 2010

3:00 PM

South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes October 5, 2010 Curriculum Committee Action October 12, 2010


Administrative Withdrawals - JD Robertson New Tutor Matching Service - David Roos Undergraduate Research Day Proposal - Theda Wrede Friday/Saturday Courses Holiday and Final Schedule - Donna Dillingham-Evans Proposed 2011 Summer Semester Schedule - Julie Stender Proposed Change: DSC Degrees and Areas of Interest - David Roos AAS Degree General Education Requirements - Graduation Policy 5-20 - Becky Smith, Bill Christensen, Victor Hasfurther Ratification of the Email Vote of the Following Degree Proposals - Donna Dillingham-Evans Other


Work Load Recommendations - Don Hinton
Enrollment Limit for Online Courses - Becky Smith Academic Structure Policy Proposal - Pam Montrallo/Martha Talman Standardizing Procedure for Coding a Major - Mo Eckroth Off Scheduled Classes - Donna Dillingham-Evans International Baccalaureate Exams - Julie Stender Other