January 25, 2011

Academic Council Agenda

January 25, 2011

3:00 PM

South Administration Conference Room

Academic Council Minutes November 2, 2010 Curriculum Committee Action November 9, 2010January 11, 2011
  Undergraduate Research Presentation - Ami Comeford, Sue Bennett, Theda Wrede  


Academic Structure Policy Proposal - Pam Montrallo/Martha Talman Work Load Recommendations - Don Hinton International Baccalaureate Exams - Julie Stender Other  


 General Education Restructuring - Ami Comeford Repeat Course Grades - Mo Eckroth Excessive Credit Hours Toward Graduation - Donna Dillingham-Evans Midterm and Final Grade Procedures - Randy Jasmine Workload Policy - Pam Montrallo Program Reviews - Louise Excell Admissions Deadlines and Late Fees - David Roos February 1st Academic Council Meeting - Donna Dillingham-Evans Other