Student Complaints

According to our Students Rights and Responsibilities Code, it is our goal to create an educational environment wherein individual students can accomplish meaningful academic goals.  If you feel that your online experience is less than satisfactory, then we would like to do our best to resolve any issues.  Students are encouraged to resolve issues by first working through an informal process where “Discussion regarding the issues of concern between the involved student and the appropriate faculty member, Department Chair, Academic Dean, and/or Dean of Students is strongly encouraged.”  You may also contact the Dean of the School of Academic and Community Outreach which supervises online courses.  However, in the event that the issue(s) cannot be resolved, the University has a student rights policy that includes policies and procedures for the proper registration and resolution of complaints.  This is found on the Dixie State University website at .  Scroll down to the Students Rights and Responsibilities Code, section 5.33.  Section 4 Initial Inquiry  to begin the proper steps.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Becky A. Smith, Dean, School of Academic and Community Outreach where the delivery of online courses is supervised.