Community & Global Engagement

Community & Global Engagement

Academic Outreach

This side of the school coordinates credit opportunities for students that are not traditional to our main campus. Courses from all academic schools offer sections of courses to the online student for which flexibility in scheduling is critical to their ability to get an education. Our Concurrent Enrollment student is one still enrolled in high school and is getting a jump start on their university career by enrolling in courses that fill requirements to graduate from both high school and the university. Our Hurricane Education Center provides access to basic general education courses in a beautiful building located in the Hurricane Valley and also provides a full service testing center to students both from our university and as a source of testing access to students from other schools. Our COOP program enables students to earn university credit for work experience tied to their educational pursuits. Our POST academy serves those in the southwest region of the state who are pursuing their POST certification to enter the field of law enforcement. Last, but not least, our brand new Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence for the enhancement of teaching practices of our faculty operates under our umbrella.

Community Outreach

Not all learners want to pursue a formal degree and for that purpose, we have a side that provides learning opportunities to constituents as young as 3 and as old as …. well no there is no limit. Our Community Education offerings cover a wide range of classes from a few hours to a few weeks in the areas of language, cooking, writing, health, music, dance, finance, and other subjects of interest. Our Institute of Continued Learning is a group of retired individuals who join the ICL group and then teach and attend classes on a range of subjects that keep their minds and bodies strong as they enter the retirement phase of their lives. Our Conferences and Workshops coordinator can help any group develop a customized program of learning in many areas including retreats, leadership training, entertainment, and just plain getting together.

Click on the links to access individual program websites and let us welcome you into our world as we assist the university in providing opportunities in fulfilling our goals of learning, values and community at DSU.