Community & Global Engagement

Community & Global Engagement


Community & Global Engagement Division

The Community and Global Engagement Division includes the departments of Concurrent Enrollment, Career & Technical Education, Community & Continuing Education, the Hurricane Education Center and the Trailblazer Engagement Center. Each of these departments helps DSU fulfill its mission to engage with the Southern Utah Region to strengthen educational, civic, cultural, and economic life.

Concurrent Enrollment

The Concurrent Enrollment program allows high school students to enroll in courses and earn college credit that fulfill requirements to graduate from both high school and the university.


DSU has 23 certificate and degree programs that are designed to prepare the student for immediate and successful employment opportunities upon their completion. These certificates and degrees have completion times from one semester to three years in duration.  These quality programs prepare students with the current career and technical skills demanded by employers.


The Community and Continuing Education department develops and manages non-credit classes and certificate programs. Community Ed classes are hobby/interest based, while Continuing Ed offers professional certificate programs including Paralegal, Pharmacy Tech and more.
Conferences and Workshops: We specialize in connecting visitors to campus. Our office coordinates and facilitates youth programming including ACT Prep Workshops, HS Leadership Workshops, summer camps, and youth conferences.  We can help any group develop a customized program of learning in many areas including retreats, leadership trainings, and entertainment.
Institute of Continued Learning (ICL): An autonomous and chartered DSU organization, the ICL allows retired and semi-retired individuals to attend classes on a range of subjects that keep their minds and bodies active. All classes are taught by volunteer instructors.


Located in Hurricane, Utah, the HEC provides access to general education courses offered by DSU, and serves as the official Southern Utah location for both the POST Academy (Peace Officer Standards & Training) and the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) state skills testing site. The facility also has a Testing Center for students enrolled in HEC courses as well as courses from the main campus for students who live in or around the Hurricane Valley area.


The TEC is a unit for central coordinated oversight of university community and global engagement efforts to build partnerships, identify volunteers and mentor and hold annual events to place students, faculty, staff, ICL, alumni and community members in engagement opportunities. The center coordinates efforts with Community Engaged Learning, Institute Of Politics, Undergraduate Research, Service Learning, Professional Practice Internships and others.
Community Engaged Learning: Community and Engaged Learning provides support to faculty to integrate active learning and high impact practices into the curriculum.
Global Education: The Global Education Division provides education and research opportunities to students and faculty so that they engage in productive dialogue with diverse populations in Southern Utah and abroad.
Study Abroad: The Study Abroad program provides students the opportunity to participate in academic study abroad and exchange programs to obtain a global perspective that cannot be taught in the classroom.
Dixie Serves: Dixie Serves combines the efforts of faculty, staff, students, community members and our partners for volunteerism on the Dixie State campus and in the Southern Utah community.